Our Inventory
Chose from a wide variety of shapes, colors and materials


Barre Grey- Custom with solar lights on left and right side.

Jet Black- All polish Serp top w/chamfers, w/Madonna and child sculpture.

Coral Blue-Angel protector die with Polished top base.

Mesabi Black- with polished Panel, coined Back to nature.

Hanna custom bronze 1 of 25 in the world carnelian angel.

American rose all polished with rounded edges.

carnelian custom teardrop with sanded edge.

china gray steeled column classic design custom engraving.

colonial rose carved Lillies with a textured front.

Custom Textured and Designed Dove Mesabi Black.

Custom Sentinal Red Sculptured Angel with Heart All Polished. Polished beveled front base.

Polished 2, scalloped edges, rose design per Ballard, oval top with flat ends Taj Aurora.

Sculpture Teddy Bear – All Polished Jet Black.

Sentinal Red All Polished Monument with Flutes and floral.

Jet Black Custom Stone Edge Monument.

Blue Pearl – Polished 2, brp Rex 1155 Shell rock edges and face – carved with sunburst texture and shaped floral.

Silver Pearl – Full Sculpted Angel with arch monument.

Carnelian – Polished 2 with sanded recess custom heart with natural rock finish on 1/2 of heart.

Coral Blue All polished, custom shape per GVB-649 with sculpted floral carvings in heart. 2″ polished margin base.

All Sanded China Grey with full custom sculputed roses.

Emerald Pearl – All Polished T102 – Serpetine Top.

Jet Black – All Polished custom rounded column, cap and plinth monument. With two vases. Stainless steel strassacker cross included.

Jet Black – All polished custom sculptured tree.

Missouri Red – Polished Custom KM2015J Polished divt, with all polished bench seat, leg, and base. Georgia Grey granite foundation.

St Cloud Gray – All polished, custom Mountain Top shape.

Rainbow – All polished, custom shape divit with all polished square inverted taper vase.